There Are Several Cosmetic Dentistry Options Available for Improving Your Smile

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An unappealing smile can have a serious impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. This is especially true if you work in a person-to-person industry, such as sales or customer service. The specific imperfections you need addressed will determine the cosmetic dentistry treatment needed to give you a winning smile.

If your smile suffers from minor alignment issues, your North Texas Dental dentist, Dr. Michael Nguyen, can fit you for Invisalign®. This treatment involves wearing a series of clear, plastic aligners that you switch out every two weeks. The mild tension they apply to your teeth gradually moves your teeth into their ideal alignment.

If you have been struggling with tooth stains, we can administer a professional teeth-whitening treatment. This is the safest and most effective way to whiten stained tooth enamel. Our dentist can then help you identify the primary cause of the staining to help limit future problems. This might also include giving you a recommendation for a whitening toothpaste.

If your teeth have chips or visible fillings, we can restore the faces of each tooth by installing porcelain dental veneers. These are basically thin, porcelain shells that are shaded bright white and are cemented onto the faces of each tooth in your smile. The porcelain material will only be subject to minor surface stains in the future. This will give you a white and appealing smile for many years to come.

If one or more of your teeth lack the sufficient enamel to anchor a veneer, we might recommend restoring the tooth with a porcelain dental crown.

If you’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, you should call North Texas Dental at 903-893-2800 to explore your cosmetic treatment options in Sherman, Texas.