The Advantages of Dental Floss

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If you are looking for an easy way to clean the areas between your teeth, it is important to know your options. Just as traditional dental floss is highly effective, so too are water flossers. Unlike dental floss, water flossers do not use thread, but rather, water to clean between your teeth. If you have any muscle discomfort or weakness, it may be more beneficial to use an easier to operate tool such as a water flosser.

If you decide to use traditional dental floss, make sure that you’re using it correctly. Because flossing is such a key part of your oral hygiene routine, you’ll need to practice safe and effective techniques to keep your teeth and gums clean. When cleaning areas between your teeth, use soft and gentle strokes. Furthermore, never use the same section of floss twice, or your will only spread the food debris around your mouth. It is a good idea to use shred-resistant floss and to discard it when you are done using it.

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