Teeth and Travel Plans

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Traveling is sometimes the worst time for your teeth. Dental hygiene is important but is not often prioritized when planning your trip. High stress, constant change, and limited resources can mean less time spent on your teeth. But any dentist will urge you to take special care to maintain good dental habits. Set aside time to brush and floss when you can, during the day and especially at night. Both are key in keeping smiles from the strain of traveling.

Moving and traveling from place to place can not only interfere with your teeth and dental care habits, it can also wreck a normally healthy diet. Travel itineraries are often riddled with culinary temptations that, while sweet on the tongue, are not so sweet for healthy teeth. Bring along or buy fruits and vegetables and limit the amount and amount of time spent eating sugar-rich foods to allow less time for bacteria to grow between cleaning the teeth and gums.

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