Minor Alignment Problems Can Cause Dental Fractures

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As the years go by, minor changes can occur with the alignment of your teeth. This could be the after-effect of tooth loss or from minor changes in jaw structure that accentuate an uncorrected alignment problem from youth.

While it might be easy to accept the slightly altered appearance of your smile, it could still cause functional issues. Each of your teeth are supposed to meet with its partner in your bite pattern at a specific angle. When this changes, the unnatural angle between the two teeth can increase your chances of suffering a dental fracture.

In time, the damaged tooth enamel could attract unwanted deposits of food matter and plaque buildup. This could foster a large and dangerous area of tooth decay.

To prevent these problems and correct an alignment issue, you should schedule a consultation at Dr. Michael Nguyen‘s Sherman, Texas clinic. There are a few different options they might recommend. This could involve dental contouring to edit the shape of the tooth enamel or using a brand of clear plastic aligners like Invisalign®.

If a tooth does chip or fracture, do not delay in having Dr. Michael Nguyen examine and treat it. Even if the damaged tooth enamel doesn’t cause you discomfort, the area could eventually come to harbor an area of dangerous tooth decay.

If you have a minor alignment problem with one of your teeth, or you’ve recently suffered a chipped tooth, call 903-893-2800 to schedule an appointment at Dr. Michael Nguyen’s clinic in Sherman, Texas. We strive to give our best service to our customers and give you your best smile.