Is Your Lifestyle Putting Your Smile at Risk for Tooth Hazards?

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Is your lifestyle putting your smile at risk for tooth hazards? If so, it is important to start taking steps to keep your smile safe from the dangers that lie all around us, including in the foods we eat and the activities we play. Here are some things you should know about protection your smile from oral health hazards:

– Avoid using your mouth as a can opener, or an oral accident may occur.
– Bite softly when biting into any foods, as some products can easily chip, crack, or break your teeth if bitten into too hard.
– Chewing on your nails or pens can harm your teeth and gums.
– Although mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings may seem like a fashionable choice, it can result in oral accidents such as torn gum tissue and cracked teeth.
– Not all oral accidents are noticeable, as some damage can happen on a microscopic level.
– Applying and using safety gear such as mouth guards and face masks when applicable can often be the difference between minor discomfort and a serious oral accident.

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