If You Need a Tooth Repaired, a Dental Crown Could be the Right Option

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Crowns are a form of restorative dentistry used to add strength and structure to injured teeth that have become chipped or broken. Crowns are also used to replace enamel in teeth have been damaged due to tooth decay. These are common occurrences and can be repaired by fitting a cap onto the affected area.

In order to do this, our dentists will form an abutment by removing the enamel of the damaged tooth. This is done in order to place a cap on top of the tooth. The cap with be made of either metal or porcelain, but can sometimes be a mixture of both. The cap will add strength to the enamel damaged from tooth decay, and structure to injured teeth. The back teeth, known as molars, will always require metal caps to add strength to them because of the strain they incur from chewing.

Even after a crown treatment, it is important to remember proper care of the tooth is still necessary. The crown will not decay but the enamel itself can still be eroded from excessive tartar and plaque build-up. If this happens, it will cause the crown to loosen. Regular brushing and flossing are important to make sure that you don’t undo your crown treatment.

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