Getting A White Smile For the Holidays

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The holidays are fast approaching. Is your smile prepared for the parties, the family holiday pictures, the in-laws you haven’t seen in a year? If not, we can help!

The first and easiest way to improve your smile is to improve your brushing habit. Brush twice a day, for 2 full minutes each time. If you find it difficult to brush for a full two minutes, try setting a timer.

Have you had a professional cleaning recently? Professional cleanings are excellent for keeping your smile healthy and bright. It would be a good idea to schedule a cleaning soon, in case of problems. Getting a cavity filled or another dental procedure could put a real damper on your holiday plans.

What are your options if you already brush twice a day for 2 minutes and have had your professional cleaning recently, but your teeth are still not as white as you would like? It may be time to consider a tooth whitening procedure. This can be done at the dental office, with at-home bleach trays or strips, or with whitening toothpaste–depending on the level of whitening required and the time that you have available. Even after a whitening treatment, it is a good idea to continue using whitening toothpaste to keep your smile bright white.

Whatever your holiday smile needs are, we at North Texas Dental are here to help! Call us at 903-893-2800 for an appointment in Sherman, Texas. Dr. Michael Nguyen and our team look forward to seeing you!