Can Dental Sealants Protect Your Family’s Smiles From Tooth Decay?

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We applaud you for your investment in keeping your family’s smiles healthy, and we invite you to go beyond the traditional oral care habits–such as brushing and flossing–to receive dental sealants. Dental sealants reduce the risk tooth decay, especially in children, by protecting the teeth they cover.

Tooth enamel refers to the protective outer layer that covers every tooth, and when you receive dental sealants, these clear or tooth-colored sealants add additional protection by providing a second layer to the back teeth’s chewing surfaces. Children ages of six and twelve are ideal candidates for dental sealants because they have healthy, new molars; however, adults can also receive dental sealants for teeth that have no dental work or cavities.

To ensure your teeth and dental sealants remain in good condition, you will need to maintain excellent oral hygiene, especially on your back teeth, which are harder to clean and can easily accumulate food and bacteria. Dental sealants are designed to last a decade if they are kept in good condition.

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