A Damaged Dental Crown Needs Timely Treatment

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Special dental materials like gold, base metal alloys and porcelain are often used to produce dental crowns. These materials rival the strength of natural tooth enamel to restore the physical presence and essential function of a compromised tooth. This is a common treatment for large cavities, significant dental fractures and other dental health conditions.

As strong as your new dental crown is, there are still some forms of oral trauma incident to chip or fracture the dental work. Patients who grind their teeth while sleeping, or you fail to use an athletic mouth guard during at the necessary times are often at increased risk of suffering a damaged dental crown.  

Even if you don’t feel any initial sensitivity or discomfort, you should still have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Fuhrmann. The longer you procrastinate professional attention, the more likely you are to suffer significant complications.  

If the anchoring abutment within the dental crown is unharmed they might be able to simply provide you with a new dental crown. If the anchoring abutment was fractured or compromised in some way you should see a significant amount within the dental crown.

A tooth in this condition will likely need emergency endodontic therapy to address the compromised core structure. This will also serve to rebuild the necessary structure to secure a new dental crown.

If you are in the Sherman, Texas, area and you have a damaged or distressed crown, you should not delay in calling 903-893-2800 to have it examined and treated at North Texas Dental.