A Cleft Palate Can Be Treated Through Different Restorative Treatments

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A cleft palate is the result of a congenital deformation of the facial plates while a baby develops in the womb. While it can prove challenging during a child’s formative years, a cleft palate does not need to be a life-long complication.

Here at North Texas Dental, our oral surgery specialists can perform a variety of restorative treatments to correct the function and appearance of your child’s mouth. The severity of the deformation in their oral structure will determine the method Dr. Michael Nguyen advocates.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Michael Nguyen and their associates will assess the severity of your child’s cleft palate. This will also include contributing factors such as the integrity of their existing bone structure, alterations in the shape of the lip, and their gums.

Once this is done Dr. Michael Nguyen will then develop a treatment strategy to help improve or correct the cleft palate. This might involve oral surgery, dental implants, facial surgery, and other restorative measures.

As your child continues to grow and their oral structure changes, Dr. Michael Nguyen might advise further treatments to provide them with a functional mouth into adulthood.

If you live in the Sherman, Texas, area and your child has a cleft palate, you should call 903-893-2800 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Michael Nguyen and the associates at North Texas Dental.